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  1. General Volkswagen Discussion
    :( AC Problem; 2002 Jetta 2.0...Compressor going on as commanded, both fans comming on while ac is trying to work. No cold! Im thinking a control ac module? where is it? ....Possibly unrelated issue my kid slid sidways and blew off 2 air bags. About the time the ac stopped. Yesterday, I replaced...
  2. Passat
    Engine is cranking but it just won't seem to fire up. My Dad and I worked our way through the engine trying to find a basic cause, these are some of the things we checked. It was getting a spark. Timing Belts were okay (don't think they skipped any teeth) Fuel was exiting the fuel filter...
  3. MK3
    hey, i am having trouble starting my 98 golf. here's the deal: i was driving and came up to what i thought was a small puddle covering the road. however, the puddle turned out to be quite deep. as i made it through the puddle my car died and would not start again. 4 days later the car will...
1-3 of 3 Results