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  1. Turbo install

    Eastern US
    what is the best economical fuel management system to put into my 95 2.0 with a t4 turbo?
  2. Unique Volkswagen Lupo 20v turbo - Show car

    For Sale - Vehicles
    With regret we are selling our Unique Volkswagen Lupo. The car is extremely adjusted to make it a ‘one of a kind’ car. The car is for 99% car season ready. It has only been to one car show in 2014 in the Netherlands. The uniquest modifications: The car has had an engine swap. The mechanic...
  3. 1997 Jetta GLS Turbo

    Well I just happened to find this German turbocharger laying around my house, and was wondering if it would fit on a 1997 Jetta GLS 2.0L 8v engine? Just curious! I believe it's used on 1.8T, but I'm not too sure. It says it's a K03 from the model number on it. What do you guys think about...
  4. VW Passat Estate turbo spooling - Can i fix it myself?

    Hey Guys & Gals, Its been awhile since I was last on here. I need to ask for some assistant from anyone that's had either the same problem or similar. I have a VW Passat Estate 2007 2.0L TDI (Auto). When I was driving along the road and went to overtake a vehicle, I got my car up to speed and...
  5. Small oil leak - 1.8T

    Hi, Have a very small oil (synthetic Castrol 5W40) leak in a Jetta Wagon, 1.8T. Any suggestions for an additive that would plug things up? Thanks, Andor
  6. value of a 200hk+ Golf MKIV

    Hello, after my current Golf MKIV had a serious leak in the transmission and the trans broke, I'm in the lookout for a new "cheap" car. So today i randomly walked into one of my friends, who was accompanied with a friend of him. Now, this friend of my friend owns a green Golf MKIV 1.8l turbo...
  7. VW G-60 motor

    For Sale - Parts
    HI I have a good running VW turbo G-60 Motor for sale. It is out of a VW Corrado. It's a good solid runner, and it comes with a good tranny and wiring harness. It's ready to go! Located in Wisconsin. I prefer calls and txt's over emails. $2000.00, Jerry @ 608-317-3623
  8. Questions about 2002 Mk4 337

    Hi, I'm Matt and I'm probably getting myself in over my head, but I enjoy working on cars (never done a turbo car.) and I'm looking to learn everything I can about this car. It is a blast to drive. I don't actually own the car yet, but I'm probably going to buy it depending on how the checkup...
  9. couple questions about ecu stuff. and chinese exhaust pics!

    My wolfsburg is track bound this summer and i wanna play with the ecu and get myself some extra power. has anyone here tuned their own 1.8t? all i read about are people getting it done, nobody doing it themselves. i wanna have the availability to do it myself so i can set it, drive to the track...
  10. 2007 Eos 2.0T

    Hello VW Enthusiast, David O. Brown Atlanta, Georgia Recently bought 2007 VW Eos 2.0T - Island Grey Metallic - 114K Miles. Acquired at an Auto Auction for a steal. All maintenance records from 67K+ are current. A few questions I'd love some feedback: -I need floor mats, where should I look...
  11. Turbo Timer help please..

    Hello everyone, My car: Passat B5 1.8 20VT (Model 2000) I installed a boost/turbo timer gauge from Daemon and I need a little help with the turbo timer installation. There are four (4) wires coming out from the gauge's CPU: 1. Yellow (Power straight from the battery) 2. Black (Ground) 3...
  12. 98 golf gl help

    i have a 98 golf gl with the 2.0 in it and wondering if it can be turboed and what i can do for more power and looks plus will honda rims work on it they are the same size just difrent type of lugs?
  13. Turbo problems

    was driving one day, lost boost pressure all of a sudden, and now the4 turbo sounds like an electric turbine rather then hearing air flow, any ideas? :confused:
  14. White Blueish Smoke coming out of Exhaust

    As it says in the title, it just recently started smoking recently. When it starts it sometimes just smokes out the neighborhood, or just starts normally with no smoke at all. But when i drive feels like im driving the Batmobile with smoke screen on when im on the accelerator. I thought it was...
  15. GTI buying advice for a newbie

    I am interested in a used GTI for sale. It is a 2009 4-door automatic Premium. 1-owner and clean carfax. Local trade. 37848 miles. Listed at 18669. Link to the car is here: http://bit.ly/JCeD0u I test drove it and I like it. The service records, though, show some pricey maintenance so far...
  16. Turbo Swap coming from an audi?

    Will this work if you take lets say the 1.8ts or the 2.0ts taking the turbos out of them and putting it on my mk4 1.8t? i was always curious cuz simply nothing is wrong with my turbo but it is really old and i feel like its losing power
  17. My GF said I fix up her 07 GTI plz help!

    So if you read my new member post You will know more about what is going on She has an 07 gti I know about cars and turbos but nothing about VW. I want to give it some power but dont no where to start maybe some cool stickers?? JK :) Things I would like to know: Good Sites, Free mods that dont...
  18. "Owl" like noise when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear

    Hi everyone I would be grateful if anyone could help me. Whenever I change gears from 2nd to 3rd (and also from 3rd to 4th) there is an "owl" woo noise - its not really loud, but it is noticable when the cd player is off..as soon as I get my foot off the clutch and the gear is changed, the...
  19. turbo a stock 2.0L

    so i have a friend that thinks you can turbo a stock 2.0L 8V and basically just bolt it on and it will work... meaning no fuel injection upgrades, engine component upgrades or computer remapping. he thinks i can change the exhaust and hook up a turbo and the stock computer will take care of...
  20. how much mileage is too much for a turbo install? (VR6)

    I'm going to install a turbo setup on my 24v VR6 when spring finally comes around, and my buddy with his own VR6 wants to do the same after seeing the parts every day in my garage. I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea for him because his VR6 is older and he's sitting on about 120k...