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  1. MK5
    So if you read my new member post You will know more about what is going on She has an 07 gti I know about cars and turbos but nothing about VW. I want to give it some power but dont no where to start maybe some cool stickers?? JK :) Things I would like to know: Good Sites, Free mods that dont...
  2. MK5
    Hi everyone I would be grateful if anyone could help me. Whenever I change gears from 2nd to 3rd (and also from 3rd to 4th) there is an "owl" woo noise - its not really loud, but it is noticable when the cd player is off..as soon as I get my foot off the clutch and the gear is changed, the...
  3. MK3
    so i have a friend that thinks you can turbo a stock 2.0L 8V and basically just bolt it on and it will work... meaning no fuel injection upgrades, engine component upgrades or computer remapping. he thinks i can change the exhaust and hook up a turbo and the stock computer will take care of...
  4. MK4
    I'm going to install a turbo setup on my 24v VR6 when spring finally comes around, and my buddy with his own VR6 wants to do the same after seeing the parts every day in my garage. I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea for him because his VR6 is older and he's sitting on about 120k...
  5. MK2
    Thinking about turbo charging this car.. I was told it has been bored and has a after market cam in it.. I just bought the car idk if its true. Anyways im thinking about putting a turbo on it.. any suggestions or info you could share with me?
  6. MK2
    I just purchased a 1985 golf as my first car and im wanting to make it faster of course and was wondering what engines i could put in it or what mods i can do to make it better and if you can give a website also its a 1.8l fuel injected. Thanks for any help <3
  7. MK4
    I have found some t3/t4 and other turbos one being a borg warner S series I would like to use but the outlet is clocked toward the ground. If I buy one of these can they be re clocked so the output is facing up. I've been told some you can some you can't. it seems when unbolted it would just...
  8. For Sale - Vehicles
    I am Military and planning to PCS and currently selling my 2002 GTI, 5 Speed Manual, it runs great, is clean, quick and has a few performance mods. It has around 83,500 miles, and has all new tires. It is loaded, A/C, cruise control, F+R side airbags, has heated seats, power locks, windows and...
  9. MK4
    i have a 1999 jetta 2.0 and i was curious as to if anyone ever turboed one before, where to get parts, the best rods and pistons for a turbo 2.0 injectors ecu turbo kit ect
  10. For Sale - Parts
    Parting out 2001 VW Jetta. Have most body parts, interior, exterior, headlights. Can sell rear clip as a package. Interior is tan color with black/tan dashboard. Will have turbo, manual transmission, most things from under the hood except the engine. Code ALH. Interior parts: Air bags right and...
  11. MK5
    My friend has an 08 rabbit and was thinking about swapping the 2.5L 5 cyl motor for the gti 2.0t engine. Is this a good idea, and would it work?
  12. MK4
    I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8t GLS, 5 speed and its making the whistle noise when I am driving from very low rpms (~1000). Right now the car has no power and another weird noise in high rpms. It only happen when I am in gear. If I push the clutch in and press the gas, the turbo whistle sound comes in...
  13. For Sale - Vehicles
    !*!*!*2003 VW Passat 1.8t TURBO!*!*!* $600 below Private Party! Please see ad above and contact me with any questions. Derek [email protected] Austin, Texas
  14. MK4
    Alright, so i am fairly new to the forum. You guys have helped a lot in filling my head with knowledge of these VW's... With that i have had my 2001 GTi 1.8t engine code AWW for about 6 months... i have brought the car back to life so to speak and now i think i need a new turbo or need to have...
  15. MK3
    I'm starting to build up my car from scratch and I was wondering which turbo would be the best to place inside my car. At some point soon I will be replacing my internals but I would like to know what turbo would be the best to place in my car?
  16. MK4
    I am slowly building my 2004 Jetta GLS 1.8T, and im not to familiar with VW's. So far i have a Forge DV and custom exhaust (2.5" turbo-back) with a Magnaflow muffler. I wanna build my motor with the K04 turbo. I just need help with suggestions on what i need to do with that turbo. And also what...
  17. MK4
    i have a '03 Jetta GLS with 1.8T. it has a weird problem, on cold starts it idles really really rough and makes a high pitched noise, so high pitched it almost sounds electronic. it will run like that for about two minutes (and if i start driving, it will stall if i put my foot on the brake...
  18. WTB/WTT Section
    I have a 2004 CBR 600RR, the bike is very clean and needs nothing, it was lowered 3in in rear 1.75 in front to give it a better look but is easily reversible. Bike is straight piped and sounds amazing and looks smooth. Bike has 15,500 miles and valves were check and they don't need to be...
  19. Showoff
    Wintertime comes, time to pimp! So check my last ride with this beautiful car. :D Scirocco 3 vs Fall 2009
  20. General Volkswagen Discussion
    How big is the turbo in the new Golf?