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  1. Trailer wiring connections for 2009 Routan

    I recently bought a 2009 Routan SEL. The vehicle was equipped for towing, but the factory wire harness was not installed. I have done this many times on other cars and it normally takes about 15-30 minutes. Not in this case, unless you know the following. The connection for the harness is...
  2. Turn signal blinks then stays on

    When i use the turn signal, it would blink at first and then continually stays on till i complete my turn and cancels itself out. How do i fix this? is it the relay? How can i replace this? thanks!
  3. Electrical Issues

    Love VW's really do, and grow a "healthy" hate when they have electrical problems like my 99 VW cabrio has 4 months ago and I have not being able to figure out what is causing the problem. Symptoms: 1.-When brake pedal is pressed, the brake lights do not light as supposed to(they light really...
  4. Turn signals not working!

    My wife was driving to work and she said she smelled a burning and then the turn signals just stopped working, i checked the fuses and all still good, anyone have an idea of where to look? Thanks!!
  5. 1962 Bug Turn Signal Info Please

    Hi, we have a '62 baja. Now the turn signal dash indicator lights, but I have no signal lights. When brakes are applied, dash light comes on, but I have no brake lights. Steering wheel adapter screw came loose (not bad) and then problem with lights happened. Not sure where I should start...