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  1. brake swap

    im looking to swap my drum brakes in the rear of my car any suggestions on brands?
  2. Repairs / Upgrades

    Hi everyone, I'm putting some new parts on the car. Since I will be getting my hands dirty I wanted to ask you guys a few lessons learns, like stuff that I should look at while I have some parts removed and some upgrade I could do while I'm at it. (If I can get some more HP out of the little...
  3. Car starts in 2nd gear after software upgrade

    My car is a 1999.5 VR6 automatic Took my car in to the dealer for unrelated problem and ended up doing the 26E1 update for ECM software for catalystic on my car (was a recall). Got the car back and noticed that it starts in 2nd or 3rd gear but can shift down to 1st gear manually. Its slow to...