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    I want to buy VAG diagnostics equipment for my VW Golf MK5 but I'm not sure what to take. I found vag-com from ross-tech.com and some new product from vag-tech.eu - VAG CAN Pro - OneClickFunctions () Does anyone know anything about this product? Seems like it's a legit proprietary system like...
  2. MK4
    Anybody know of any Vag techs in the Salt Lake area? I need to turn off some airbags in my Jetta. If anyone has a connector cable for sale I'll take a look too. I don't think getting the software would be hard, I just don't have the cable. Any help would be much appreciated. :D Also, I'm...
  3. MK5
    I need some information on VAG-COM software. I am wanting to recode my 06 Jetta so that the rear fog and amber blinkers work. Im not sure who i have to get in contact with that knows anything about this software. I personally, am COMPLETELY CLUELESS on this topic. i am new to this as of...
1-3 of 3 Results