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  1. Vibration & resonance under slight acceleration?

    Hello, I have a Jetta MkV AT 2.5L 2005.5 with ~50k which is out of warranty (due to age not miles). I am noticing an increasingly irritating sound coming from what feels to be the front left wheel of the car. When I am on the interstate cruising, and under slight acceleration, I feel a...
  2. Mk5 2004 golf fsi vibration and rough idle

    Hi Guys, I have a mk 5 2004 1.6 Golf FSI that has done 65000. Recently there has been an exhaust like vibrating noise which sounds like its coming from the gearbox when driven from cold. This almost goes when it reaches operating temperature. The idle is extremeley rough at all...
  3. Vibration/Resonance between 65 and 75 mph

    My 2010 VW GTI (2 dr MT) makes a weird vibration/resonance noise between 65 and 75 mph speeds. The vibrations can be felt through the pedals (accelerator, clutch). The noise/vibration goes away after 75. It is clear/loudest at 70 irrespective of whether accelerating through or coming down to 70...
  4. First jetta... rough idle when in drive

    Hello all, I am now the proud owner of a 1996 jetta. Picked her up for 1 grand just the other day. The car runs excellent but am having some rough idling problems. It is a 2.0 L automatic; the problem is that when I am idling with the shifter in Drive, the car shakes pretty hard and the idle...