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  1. 2011 VW Jetta cranks but won't start

    Hi, In June 2014, I bought a 2011 VW Jetta from an official VW car dealer: it is a certified pre-owned car, with a 2 year warranty. I do not use it a lot (not even every day) since I work from home. 2 weeks ago, a strange issue appeared: when I drive for a very short distance (<1 mile) or...
  2. What would you do for a VW? You gotta look at this video!

    The Xtras
    This guy looked at a VW for 24 h non-stop to try to win it! It's a dum idea but the result is really cool and the video is really well done. the other videos suck, I hope this guy gets it! website is in french but you can still watch the video. Concours J'ai ta Jetta avec Volkswagen...
  3. Jetta TDI

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    just got a camera mount and put some videos of my 2010 tdi up if you guys want to check them out!
  4. My Scirocco 3 *HDVideo*

    Wintertime comes, time to pimp! So check my last ride with this beautiful car. :D Scirocco 3 vs Fall 2009