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  1. Golf 4 1.6 sr turning off itself while driving

    Hello guys ! I have a serious problem with my mk4... When the fuel needle is on this lvl and below ( almost 3 lines above minimum ) as Iam driving doesn`t matter the speed, the car just losses itself like iam hiting the gas pedal nothing happens, trying to force it without success This problem...
  2. 2003 vw died in a matter of a few hours

    New Member Introductions
    my 2003 vw battery keeps dieing in a matter of an hour or two I've replaced the battery 2 times now and cant figure out the problem is, it starts perfectly fine whenever the battery is fully charged but then 10 minute later its just makes a clicking sound because the battery is so low any...
  3. Need help with OBD2 Port

    I have a 2003 mk4 gti 1.8t and I have been looking for my OBD2 port but I is not in the normal location( under the radio behind the plastic cover). I don’t know where else it would be I bought it from someone who had done some thing to the car before I bought it so if anyone have any ideas on...
  4. Mk5 over revving when start then dies

    Hey guys,mk5 1.9 golf tdi When I start the car it will more than not over Rev up to 2000 but differes from 1000 to 2000 revs sound really rough with no feet on any pedals then it eventually cuts out the. I have to restart the car but sometimes happens again. But also driving it will loose power...
  5. MKIII golf 2.0

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone have received help on multiple occasions and now am back again for your wisdom. Im working on a 96 golf with the 2.0 litter engine. Just did a top end rebuild on it and now for some reason it wont start, The starter just clicks. put a brand new starter in and still the same thing...
  6. Audis, VWs recalled for airbag defects, coolant-pump fire risks

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Volkswagen AG is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars and SUVs in the U.S., almost all of them Audi models, to fix two airbag defects and coolant pumps that may overheat and cause fires.
  7. 2000 VW Golf for Sale ($5500)

    Southwestern US
    2000 VW Golf 2.0 Manual Transmission for Sale, Clean Nevada Title, Runs Great, Brand New Clutch, Excellent Condition, A/C Works, Heater Works, CD and Radio Works, Engine has been refurbished for future turbo purposes, New Transmission that was Installed 4 Months Ago, and This is The List of...
  8. VW Proving Grounds Needs Mechanic

    Southwestern US
    Kett Engineering is in need of a Durability Automotive Technician to work at the VW-APG. We are located outside of the City of Maricopa, AZ. The job posting is on the careers page of the Kett Engineering website along with other job posting. Please check it out.
  9. GOLF R doing 13s and below Drag Racing

    Hey Guys, On my recent captures I have found this lovey Tuned Golf R doing quarter mile in 13 and below check out those links: Range Rover VS Golf R - YouTube GOLF R(Tuned) VS A45 AMG - YouTube You can follow us on instagram for more photos and info. Let me know what you think!
  10. FS: 18" VW CC R-Line 'Mallory' (3)

    For Sale - Parts
    PRICE DROP!!! I have (3) 18x8 et41 VW CC R-Line (2012) OEM take-offs. Lug pattern is 5x112. The wheels are in great shape, with two of them having one tiny chip each and the other wheel being perfect. If you're interested, please feel free to text me on my cell at 830-387-1513. Wheels are...
  11. Vintage VW

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    v=iDWgAUI32NE Short documentary with Craig Yelley and his shop Vintage VW in Spokane, WA. Craig has been rebuilding volkswagens for 25 years and has turned his passion into a career. Check it out let me know what you think! Filmed, edited and directed by Ivan Gwynn. 2012
  12. FS: Vw volkswagen remote key emblem logo badge and pad 14mm 14 mm - metal

    For Sale - Parts
    * VW REMOTE EMBLEM AND PADS Emblem for Volkswagen Key Fobs * - Fits ALL Flip Keys - New Beetle - Jetta - Passat - Touareg - GTI - Phaeton - Touran - Polo - Fox - Made with scratch resistant enamel, slightly convex, metal, polished and backed with self stick industrial adhesive. Will be...
  13. New gOlF

    i picked up a new golf yesterday. jumping from my mkiv gti to a mkvi golf 2.5 is nice. but i do miss my 4 so bad =/ to come by spring (hopefully) scirroco wheels and h&r springs the new (cell phone pic i promise more) [/IMG] the old [/IMG]
  14. mk1 rabbit diesel parts for sale

    For Sale - Parts
    recently parted out a motor from the 1.6L non turbo diesel rabbit. got a bunch of stuff im trying to sell. got the alternator, waterpump, oil pickup, injector pump and a bunch of other stuff as well. if anyone is looking for some parts, hit me up
  15. VW/Audi All Wheel Drive Easily Handles Blizzard Conditions. Amazing!

    I found this video of an Audi A4 absolutely plowing through 14 inches of snow. This demonstrates the effectiveness of VW's 4motion / Audi Quattro in adverse conditions. I was amazed when I saw this! Here is the video that I found: Audi A4 Snow Drifting After Blizzard January 2011. | Ultimate...
  16. FS: 1999 VW Jetta VR6 Parting out *Pics*

    For Sale - Parts
    Parting out 1999 VW Jetta VR6 GLS. Tell me what you want and I will give you a price. Everything goes. 105k miles. Will accept paypal payment. Located in southern Arizona. SOLD Center A/C Vents Cheers, Daniel
  17. What type of Wheels are these...and where can I get them

    What type of Wheels are these? What's the name that I can type in Google.com and search for them? Where can I purchase these wheels? How many inches do you think this car has been lowered? I'm asking these questions because this is going to be a model for what I would like my car to look...
  18. FS: 1971 VW Variant Wagon Hood - Very Clean

    For Sale - Parts
    ==Note==Photos In Gallery Under 1971 VW Variant== I am offering for sale a 1971 VW Variant Deck Lift (front hood) for sale. Included is the Original Chrome VW Emblem, Deck lift Latch and Rubber Stoppers on the inside of the Front of the Deck Lift. The Deck Lift is in very good condition with...
  19. Will trans code DKS work with CLK?

    I have a 1997 VW Golf 2.0L with a 01M transmission(automatic) that broke down a month ago. I've been trying to look for a replacement transmission but I am unsure if the transmission I found is a good or bad fit. The original transmission taken from my car has code "CLK" ---- the transmission I...
  20. 1999 Golf Wolfsburg Cruise Control and shifter problems

    well first off i need to know how to take the shifter out safely and put a new one in, because its stuck in the down position so it can just be shifted freely without the brake and the key doesnt come out right. also, the cruise control doesnt work and its not necessary but of course id like to...