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  1. Polo
    Hi there My car stopped running 2 months ago after going into a pit with dirt and water (it was rainy season). There were lights on dash but nothing else worked. 1. The car didn't start. 2. The power windows, door locks, hazard lights, etc - nothing worked. I took it to a mechanic who...
  2. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello guys please help, In my polo 2010 my Bluetooth option is not visible but I do have phone button and also in steering wheel but whenever I press phone button it goes to mute how to solve it.
  3. Polo
    Hi all, a bit of a random post. A few weeks ago (before the Corona virus locked us all away!) I was given a 2020 Polo. I'll be honest, I thought I was going to be getting a pretty boring, unexceptional car. I was dead wrong, and blown away. I thought you guys being enthusiasts and owners would...
  4. Polo
    Hello all, hope everyone is staying safe and well while we wait out this virus. A few months ago I bought a used polo as specified above (59 bhp model) when initially buying the car it was in good working order and showed no signs of any issues/ fault codes. I won't go over all the problems...
  5. Polo
    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has experienced issues with their Aircon not working (It is not blowing out cold air, it is basically just a fan) I have made a booking for the car to go for a service, but the soonest they are able to see me is in a few weeks. Regards, Gert
  6. VW Forum News & VW News
    By Nick Dasko I love my MKV GTI and I bet you all love your rides as well but do you ever find yourself looking at Euro-market models and fantasize about what might have been if you lived over there, or maybe VW brought over more models? For the sake of simplicity and to avoid backlash this...
  7. For Sale - Parts
    Hi Everyone, Volkswagen Polo 2010 High-Level LED Front Fog Lamp Set, Include with Covers and Wire
  8. Polo
    hi guys, im looking for an exhaust manifold that can be mounted on that engine.i haven't found one that is made for that car in specific.can we use one that is made for another engine?what modification should i do to fit it in? thanks in advance :)
  9. Polo
    Hi there, Need to know if its worth going to VW dealership to get this checked out. They quoted me £59.00 to get the codes checked and if its a minor fix, they would fix it with no extra charge. So far, the Exhaust Emission Light comes on for a few days, but goes off again. Its on now and im...
1-9 of 10 Results