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warning lights

  1. speed sensor

    I changed both front wheel speed sensors on my 00 gti vr6 today. I can start the fine with no lights but as I reach 15 mph both the traction control and abs light come back. before I changed them the light was on.constantly. please help.in tired of looking at a Christmas tree on my dash
  2. MK3 Silver-Face Instrument Cluster Compatibility

    I recently swapped my stock instrument cluster from my 96 Golf GL with a silver-face one from a 98 Jetta K2. The speedo, tach, temp, and fuel needles all work properly and there's even a low fuel light that works on the new one from the 98 - my old cluster didn't even have a bulb in that...
  3. Polo 1.2 02 plate warning light

    Hi, My engine management light has come on in my polo. i topped the coolant water up the other day and it went slightly above the maximum mark, could it be this, or am i just hoping here? Thanks Dave
  4. Warning lights/pictures

    New member now so if this was previously discussed, sorry about the repeat. There is a warning light on my 2000 Jetta TDI that looks like a circle with three dashes around the circle on each side. What is this trying to tell me? Thanks a ton!
  5. abs and traction control warning lights- help

    Vans & Transporters
    Hi, My VW transporter has an intermittent problem: the ABS and traction control warning lights come on with ignition (with the stop light). I've taken it to 3 garages now- each time they check diagnostics- nothing shows up and they reset the system, which works for a bit, then it comes back. It...