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water intrusion

  1. Water and Electrons don't mix?

    Found my 2003 Passat wagon driver side floor full of (rain) water this morning. Bad things were happening: light wouldn't turn off, alarm going off, signal lights both on................ect. Disconnected the battery (maybe I shouldn't have done this?) cleaned up most of the water to allow some...
  2. Water Inside Engine!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    My dad has a "dunebuggy". He put a brand new engine in it in 2004 (2003 model air cooled "VW" engine). He had a flood in his basement where the vehicle was kept and water got inside the oil pan (most likely through the dipstick - no seals appeared to be compromised). The water was in the engine...
  3. Noob

    I have spent some time looking for info on water intrusion on my wifes 2001 Cabrio and have come up with zilch. Anyone have tricks or ideas to stop the flow of water into her car from the window seals. Also we can't get her car to talk to a scan tool and VW here in GA couldn't get it to...