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water leak

  1. 1.8t water pump

    Hey every1. I have a 02 jetta 1.8t. I just put a new pump,tensioner,roller pulley, belt and all that good stuff. I got the kit fcpgroton.com... I got it all put on and drove the car for about a month now with no problems at all.. Today my wife called and said it was leaking something. When I...
  2. Tons of Water Leaking into Passenger Side under the glove box

    hey guys, i have 94 golf III with a slight problem "I think". every time the A/C is on, and i turn the wheel to the left, water comes pourin out from where appears to be coming from the back of the firewall, or the rain gutters. it hasnt rained for ever, and it only happens when the A/C is on...