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  1. Drippy side view mirrors

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Every time I was my 2015 Passat TDI I have to wrap the side view mirrors in towels to catch the water that drips out and onto the doors without the towels in place, does anyone else notice this ? Any better solutions hahaha
  2. Video: Replacing the water pump on a 35i

    Hi. the video gives you a step by step tutorial how to replace the water pump of your Passat 35i with the 4 cylinder engine. The video has a German soundtrack but English subtitles are added to YouTube. If you don't see them by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the...
  3. 2010 Passat water leak in backseat

    Quick question. Agreed to have my new 2010 Passat washed at dealership "A" while getting my 10,000 mi oil change. Only have ever hand washed car before this. Next day, car breaks down and won't start back up. Towed to dealership "B". "B" states that there is a gallon of water in my backseat...
  4. 1995 VW Jetta

    Hello I have a 95 VW Jetta GL 2.0 with 116K miles on it. For the past couple of months when ever it rains/wet snow my car starts to hesitate badly, sometimes it stalls out. I would be cruising at 30mph then all of a sudden i feel a loss of power and start seeing the RPMs going down. What i did...
  5. Does the CC leak water like the Passat?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Passat CC, however my neighbour has mentioned that in the past, he used to have a Passat, and he said it leaked water very badly, with the footwells being soaked in water. He says one of his family has one too, which also had huge amounts of water in the foot...