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wheel bearings

  1. Upgrades for the front axles?

    Hello Everyone - I have a mostly-stock 85 1.8 lowered, with bigger wheels and tires (16 x 6, I think). Obviously, these put a lot more stress on the bearings and CV joints up front (and even more so when I drive enthusiastically). I need to replace the axles and I'd love to upgrade to something...
  2. Wheel Bearings

    My car needs new wheel bearings. any suggestions on what brand to get i was thinking timken? i bought the car and havent really had time to look at it to much but i know its lowered alot ill post some pictures later. :confused:
  3. Front wheel bearing and hub - please help

    Can anyone give me some tips on changing a front hub and wheel bearing? Or a link to a write-up? I know I will need some sort of puller to get the hub off and a press to put the new bearing in, but I'm not sure exactly what kind of puller is needed. Any help would be appreciated. Somebody...
  4. Planning to do the brakes

    Hi I am planning to do the brakes with new front and rear pads, rotors and parking cables on my 94 jetta. I am reading the bentley manual and it shows a tool required to reset the park brake system after changing pads. I was wondering if this was required or if an alternate way of doing it is...