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white smoke

  1. 90 golf not starting In need of suggestions - please advise

    I have a 1990 golf diesel It turns over but does not start. This has happened 2ce... once hot & once cold. After the 1st time it ran fine for a week. Starting during that time on the 1st or second try. Now I haven't been able to start it for 2 days. Battery sounds strong, I seem to be getting...
  2. 96 MkIII Jetta electrical failure; stalled while driving, dash smoke, won't start

    Greetings. I did some searching and could not find a thread as specific as I needed for help with this issue. To start, all of these parts are new within last 2 years i've owned the Jetta: -Fuel pump, starter, alternator, battery So, while driving in rush hour going ~25mph in gear...
  3. HELP! White smoke from exhaust in bad weather

    Hi, I just got a Jetta 2001 VR6 2.8 weeks ago and in trouble now. When I try to drive it after rain, a lot of white smoke gets out the exhaust. It blows more smoke as I push the gas peddle, and loses power sometimes. Engine light goes off as well. However, when the weather becomes good, the...