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window electrical

  1. No Windows but power present

    No Radio My 03 TDI Golf had some fire damage and I got it for $500. Well I pulled the damaged intrior parts and trashed the headliner wiring harness (for interior lights). Replace alternator and some fuses. Problem: The windows dont do anything From the master control panel or any of the...
  2. Electric window will not work reliably

    Ever since I have had the car the passenger side electric window has never worked. I took the door apart soon after I got the car and it started working, but failed again shortly after I put the door back together. I have since learned to deal with it but recently decided to fix it. I got a new...
  3. Bora Problems

    Hey, brand new to this site, am having a problem were the electric windows don't work on my 51 plate VW bora, none of the 4 work from any of the switch panels. fuses are all fine The car had been left for 9 months and is a bit damp. I think it could be the Comfort Control Module. any help...
  4. Help! - Electrical issues Golf TDI

    I have a 2000 Golf Tdi and just the other day I have run into a few problems. My windows don't work along with the remote lock/unlock from key and the truck release won't work from the drivers door. The fuel cap realease works and the lock/unlock button on the drivers door still works. I have...