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  1. Left drivers window open last night and it snowed: Help

    2008 Jetta SEL here. Came back to the car in the morning as it was snowing. Luckily it had just started snowing. First thing I tried to do was close the window, except it wouldn't go up! Kept hitting the button and nothing would happen. Made sure the window lock wasn't on. Tried the other...
  2. Window regulator replacement troubles

    I've just put in a new aftermarket window regulator on my 1997 Jetta GLS, driver's door. The original regulator suffered a broken cable. I bought an aftermarket regulator without motor, since my original motor seemed ok. I mounted the motor on the regulator and got the regulator installed into...
  3. VW Target for Thieves

    Yesterday morning my car was broken into by having the driver’s door lock punched. The thieves left all the windows down and the tailgate open. The police (and auto-body repair guy) told me that they have seen alot of VW break-ins the past while. Thieves have found a way to bypass the alarm/shut...
  4. Window Regulator Access, Front Left

    New Beetle
    My daughter has a 2005 Beetle and has had four separate window problems. The first three problems were handled under warranty by the dealer. Of course, now the vehicle is out of warranty and the dealer wants est. $500.00 to open the door and possible replace the regulator. The window dropped to...
  5. MKIII Electrical Gremlins!!

    Hey guys, New to the forum here, I've been lookin around and haven't really found much info on what I need help with. I just bought a 1999 Jetta MKIII, needs a little love. I'm in the process of trying to fix the back windows and I think I'm in the grasps of one of the infamous gremlins :( The...
  6. Window clicking noise

    So I've searched for an answer and just came up with regulators going bad. I've got a 99 jetta 2.0 with power windows. The automatic up doesn't work anymore. But when the window goes all the way up or down it clicks a couple of times like the motor is still trying to push it. Anyone have this...
  7. Master window switch

    First post here and hoping to find someone with similar problem. Driver's side master window/door lock switch does nothing to any windows or locks. I replaced with a used one and it intermittently worked. Must be something else but I'm struggling for answers. When I press window switches, I...