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  1. MK4
    I have an 01 GTI VR6 that I just bought. I bought it with something wrong with the front windshield wiper motor. I figured one of the nuts was just stripped and I thought to myself, easy fix. I look inside the fuse box, and the windshield wiper fuse is missing. I put one in and as soon as I...
  2. MK3
    I just bought a used late 97 golf cl. I presume that the heater core is messed up because there is a film on the front windshield on the inside of the car also it does not defrost properly. Can't get rid of it, so I can't drive it. Is this a likely heater core problem?? Also the blower fan isn't...
  3. Passat
    Okay, I'm in a bit of a pickle. My TCM is shot due to water damage. Shocker, I know. But here's the catch. This is post-recall. In other words, I don't believe this is actually VW's fault. I recently had my windshield replaced (actually about 6 months ago). After bringing my 2002 Passat...
1-3 of 3 Results