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wiper blades

  1. 2013 Jetta SE - wipers keep detaching

    I have to scrape my windows from ice a few times a week lately, and raise the wiper to scrape under it and clear it of ice. It doesn't take much pressure at all, and the wiper blade detaches from the bar very easily. This has happened on both wipers. I live in Cleveland and deal with this...
  2. Upgrade rear & front wiper blades VW Jetta

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    There is an upgraded rear wiper blade available for the 2002-2005 Volkswagen Jetta's. The Trico NeoForm Beam Blade is one of the only newer-style, one-piece, frameless wipers on the market that comes in the extremely hard-to-find 14" to fit the rear wiper (they also come in the correct sizes...
  3. replacement wiper blades for touareg

    I found aftermarket full wiper blades (rather than refills) for the Volkswagen Touareg. I replace the entire wiper because of the abuse the ice and snow put them through - I figure better safe than sorry (plus much less hassel than dealing with those rubber blade refills). I went with Trico Tech...