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  1. 2013 Jetta SE - wipers keep detaching

    I have to scrape my windows from ice a few times a week lately, and raise the wiper to scrape under it and clear it of ice. It doesn't take much pressure at all, and the wiper blade detaches from the bar very easily. This has happened on both wipers. I live in Cleveland and deal with this...
  2. A crazy question about the rear wiper

    Has anyone ever modded his rear wiper to have *speeds* (i.e. fast/slow)? How about just speeding it up? On some days (like today) I can't see shit in the rear and the wiper doesn't go fast enough.
  3. Windshield Motor Problems

    I have an 01 GTI VR6 that I just bought. I bought it with something wrong with the front windshield wiper motor. I figured one of the nuts was just stripped and I thought to myself, easy fix. I look inside the fuse box, and the windshield wiper fuse is missing. I put one in and as soon as I...
  4. no wipers or heater fan

    1997 cabrio...the wife tells me earlier that the wipers and heater fan arent working...windhield was foggy and had some dew on the windshield...i recently got this car and i know they worked when i drove it home. Of course i get the "you told me everything worked..." speech from her so now i...