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Greetings VWF folk! I'm completely new here and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

Anyhoo, I have an '02 golf TDi which has recently developed a whole myriad of issues with the central locking. Firstly, the unlock button on the key only seems to unlock the drivers door. I know there is a mechanism whereby pressing the button once unlocks the drivers door, and pushing it twice is supposed to unlock everything else, but the second button press doesn't do anything. I don't think its an issue with the key, as it does the same thing with my spare key(s). I have to push the central locking button in the drivers door panel to unlock everything else.

The front passenger door is more of an issue, sometimes it won't unlock full stop. Doesn't respond to the key, doesn't respond to the drivers door button. Pulling the interior handle causes the lock to lift up, but when the handle is released the lock goes back down. There is no response to the exterior handle either. Usually it's possible to get the door open eventually, with a combination of repeatedly locking/unlocking the doors via the drivers door button and jiggling the interior handle of the passenger door around. Sometimes it can take about half an hour of that malarkey to get the door open, which is pretty infuriating!

Lastly, the troublesome front passenger door sometimes doesn't remote lock using the key. The lock button on the key does work, in that it locks everything else. Most of the time the door does lock, but occasionally it doesn't and I don't notice until I return to the car, relieved to find that it hasn't been nicked!

My local (non WV) garage quoted ~£500 to have it fixed, the VW dealership wanted over £700. I don't have that kinda money so Im hoping the problem is caused by some dodgy sensor which I can purchase online for next to nowt and install myself, given a bit of time and some heavy language!

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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