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So I’m doing a manual swap on my 02 jetta 2.0. Auto trans was shot. I ordered a shifter off eBay but is not compatible. The only other one I can find online is from a 1.8. The 1.8 shifter I found looks the same mounting wise as the auto one that came out so I know it will bolt up no problem. But are the shifter cables different lengths? Is the 1.8 shifter the same as the 2.0? After tax and shipping it is 270$ with no refunds so I’m not trying to gamble that.. here’s a side by side of the one I ordered and the auto one I took out. The ad said 99-05 jetta but I didn’t realize how different it was until I removed the old one. Does anyone know what this one would even fit? I’d like to try and re sell it so I don’t lose to much.
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