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My sisters been having problems with her Jetta's auto trans. The car is high mileage, over 200k, so I'm not surprised.

The other day she was driving, she said the rpm shot up then fell and then there was no connection in the trans, as if it was in neutral. Luckily she managed to roll the car into a parking lot. We went to the car a few hours later and it drove fine.

I spoke to the VW dealer and AAMCO, they both agree that its most likely some serious internal issues, or possibly a bad torque converter.

I've built over a dozen engines, but I never mess with transmissions, especially autos. Seems like the repairs are going to be 2000$+. I want to help her so offered to pull the trans and drop it off at the shop, to cut some of the labor costs.

I don't know what else to do, do you guys have any suggestions?
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