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Ok guys, i hope i don't get flamed to much as i'm new to this forum and vw's so bare with me as i learn the differences on things.

I just picked the car up about 3-4 days ago and am getting use to things. Right now the car has 18's on it and the front rubs a little when turning to sharp or going in a driveway with a slight incline. Now the car has H&R Coilovers to the best of my knowledge (or from what i can see anyways)

Approx Front Lowering: 1.2 - 2.5
Approx Rear Lowering: 1.3 - 2.4

I don't expect it to be perfect but i would like to raise my car up a bit more assuming that it can be raised up to prevent the tires rubbing or keep it at a bare minimum. The rear doesn't rub only the front.

Now i hear and and see that i need a torx set or torx to get the bumper off as i need to pop one side back on since it came undone previous to me purchasing the car but does anyone know what size i would need in order to do so?

Here is a photo of my ride, perhaps someone has some pointers:

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