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wifes car had close to 75k miles on it. started throwing CEL for cylinder 2 misfire. Car ran like crap cold and a little better after it warmed up. Had already changed plugs and coil packs at 60k. after doing some research found out about the direct injection problems. had no idea to do fuel induction cleanings. we got the car with 40k on it. after a few attempts at doing induction cleanings with no luck i knew i would have to clean them manually. pretty easy to do. bought an intake manifold gasket and the injector oring kits just in case. took 30-45 mins to get intake manifold off then a long time to manually clean valves. used gm top end cleaner, shop vac, little pick, and soft scotch bright pad. they were beyond filthy and covered with crap. once it was all back together ran like a new car. will do some induction cleanings 10k-15k miles now.


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