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Hello, first timer here! Glad to be a part of such a large community.

So i own a golf MK6 Highline with a 1.2 TSI. Never failed me (yet) and everything is good. EXCEPT

Normally when you would start the engine, you plug in the ignition key in the ignition switch. When you turn the key the engine starts to crank and when you let the key go the engine keeps cranking till the engine starts. So the starter takes over the ignition key.

But since a couple of days the car doesnt do this anymore. I need to keep de key in the ignition position to start the engine. So when i let the key go during starting the engine stops cranking (and doesnt start, obviously).

What is causing this? A bad relay that takes over once the ignition switch is engaged and falls when the engine starts? If so, where is this positioned in the engine bay?
Also, important note: I think this problem occured when i accedentily forced the engine to turn backwards. I was on a (not to) steep hill en the car started to roll backwards. I then let the clutch come up ( i was not aware i was rolling) so the engine was forced to turn backwards. The gear was in 1st (not in rear) and the ignition key was in the 'on' position.

Like to hear from you.
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