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I wonder if anyone can help...

I purchased a 98 Polo 1.4 Petrol with 64K on the clock. It is my 1st car and I know nothing about cars but I have noticed a couple of issues and wonder if anyone can shed any light.

The car passed the MOT on the day of purchase. I took it for a full service a few days later regardless.

The issues I've had is that the oil pressure symbol on the dashboard comes on every now and again and beeps. It seems to be random and the oil levels are fine. I took it back to the mechanic who changed a part and said that should be it but it wasn't. Spoke to mechanic again and he said everything was fine with the car and to ignore this issue but when it happens to ensure the heat of the motor is stable otherwise I should stop straight away.

Sometimes I can drive for a few hours and nothing happens, other times a few minutes and it comes on - sometimes with the beep, sometimes without it.

The other issue I noticed is that every now and again, the car will "shake" a bit when I am stopped at traffic lights in 1st gear and when I drive away it kinda "jerks" in 1st and 2nd gear but then it stops. At first I thought I wasn't driving properly but it happened a few times now and I can see that it is the car and not me.

I paid a fair bit on the full service and really can't afford to be paying for services if will get the car back with issues. Anyone knows what the problems may be?

Thanks in advance.
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