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Since I was already taking the sai pump off to get to the crack pipe, I am deleting the SAI system. I have an 02 12v vr6. I could care less about the
CEL because I live in TN and they do not care about emissions in my county at all. I plan on getting the C2 tune by the end of the year to delet it form the ECU.

Does anyone have or know of a DIY that actually pertains to the mk4 vrs? All I could find are ones for the mk3 12v engines. I just want to make sure my hoses are routed right before I button everything back up.

I removed the sai pump itself, the bracket, and the vacuum resovoir attached to the oil pan and ran vacuum line straight from the t in the fpr line to another solenoid(?) at the bottom of the engine.
I plan on looping the solenoid and keeping it plugged in.

Is there anything else I am missing? Sorry I dont have any pictures. I have been doing all this stuff in the rain the past 2 days, so no time to take pictures.
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