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Well, I went again wed . And I finally feel very comfortable w/ my clutch and my launches. I was able to cut a 2.2 60' pretty much at will. Gotta love Gainesville. I had 3 runs against an 02 Cobra. The first run we had was my worst run of the night. Got a little too much on the throttle and spun bad through the top of first and cut a miserable 2.7 60' and a 14.7 to his 14.5. Then later on that night I ran a 14.36 @ 98 to his 14.49 @ 99. We lined up again immediatey after an I ran a 14.4 to his 14.5. He was PISSED :twisted: .

then shortly after came my 2 best times of the night and my BEST TIMES YET.

R/T ... .298
60' ... 2.218
330 ... 6.045
1/8 ... 9.236
MPH ... 77.07
1000 ... 11.979
1/4 ... 14.281
MPH ... 98.07

R/T ... .504
60' ... 2.212
330 ... 6.006
1/8 ... 9.162
MPH ... 78.01
1000 ... 11.883
1/4 ... 14.170
MPH ... 98.26

:twisted: both of these runs were done w/ the dump completely open. on the 14.1 I know the accord running next to me got a nice flame show cause I could feel the backfire through my seat, and he told me so....he,he

I had the best runs of the group even w/ both kenny and chuck running w/ 100 oct. The 14.1 nabbed me the best time of any JAXDUB'r...... at least til my friend kenny gets his turbo upgrade done

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by VanMan423:
btw, what exactly is a dunp tube and what does it do?

(sorry about posting twice)

it dumps the exhaust out a Y tube at the end of my downpipe , instead of going thru the cat, mid-pipe , and muffler. Kinda like a planned exhaust leak.
By doing this I am acheiving almost -0- back pressure , which makes my turbo work that much farther. Alot of people that run dumptubes only open them at the track, cause they are EXTREMELY LOUD , usually it is just bolted shut when not in use. I have an electronic cutout that opens and closes it for me. Which means no burnt fingers and I can open and close it from a switch inside. So it also gives me volume control exhaust. But its pretty much just really loud or really quiet, not much actual "contol".

But I don't mind much cause I like things loud and fast.
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