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Hello all.
I'm new here and have a couple questions.
My girlfriend has a all white complete original condition 1980 "Rabbit Convertible L".
It has a 10 digit Vin starting with 15A followed by 7 numbers. How do you decode this vin and what can it tell you. Like where it was produced (pretty sure in Germany from the tag on the b pillar) and may the production count/number? You know like how many were produced before it... don't find a better way how to say it right now.
Maybe if it was a special edition?
Anything would help.
Also what would be the value of it? She is thinking of selling it, since she only uses it a couple times a year since she owns other vehicles and she can't take grandkids in it.
It even has the white boot cover and original Rabbit floor mats.
Just put a new trunk lift in it and a new battery. Over the last couple years the water pump, fuel pump (original Bosch), plugs and timing belt have been replaced.
It has VW alloys and a three spoke VW steering wheel with the Wolfsburg logo in it.
Everything works including the triangle windows to my knowledge
except the windshield washer.
It has a 5 speed and around 160k on it. The speedometer is a bit off.
The top open and closes easy and has no rips.
It's kept in the garage and only driven in the summer.
It starts fine, even when cold, runs a little rough for a few seconds and then smooth.
It was bought for her by her late husband from a Oregon dealer and brought to California where they lived back then in 1980. In 1987 it came to Boise Idaho when they build their home here.
I'll attach some pictures.
Any tips about a asking price would be appreciated.
If someone here is interested, don't hesitate to ask...
Thank you all.
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