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I bought this car in December of last year and got a friend to put in a vegetable oil conversion. I have replaced a lot of parts and fixed it up real nice. It's been a great car but now I have a vw pickup, so I gotta sell the Rabbit.
check it:
1.6L Diesel
4 speed manual transmission
RUST FREE!! clean as can be
interior is perfect! it has all the fixings!
oil changed in June with new oil filter
brand new fuel filter
air filter replaced in May
injection pump leaks and will need to be replaced soon
glow plugs need to be checked and possible bad glow plug relay
glow plug fuse is blown (probably due to bad relay, i might have another)
I replaced some water hoses last winter and resealed water pump
I am selling it for $2500 with the vegetable oil conversion which includes a switch in the car, a 5 gallon heated tank, heated veg filter, and heat exchanger before the injection pump. It's a great conversion that works well and is very easy to use.
I would also sell it for $2000 without the conversion.
please feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected] or 609 731 1298
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