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Hey there everyone,

UPDATE:Thanks to all for the response received on my post last year. The problem ended up being the fuel/air throttle screw in the back of the throttle body...of all things. Shes back in running shape, ready for summer!

Reason for this post is I'm looking for the input from the rest of vw community. Ive been saving money to really fix this thing up for summer, and I'm looking to do a motor swap, along with new suspension, coil overs, ect. Any advice on the right kind of motor to drop in? Don't need something with insane torque per say, but am looking to make it fast. Ive heard mixed things about the vr6 motor. Diesel? Yay, nay?

Lastly, also wondering how much of a pain in the ass it would be to swap out the automatic for a 5 speed tranny, I have a mechanic friend that could help with it but was trying to get an idea here first on those thoughts.
My mechanic buddy charges next to nothing for everything we do (had to spend 3 days replacing the water pump and timing belt last summer and spent a total of $50 parts+ labor combined), so i was trying to spend the ballpark of $1500-2000 max altogether.

Any advice given on the best way to make this thing really sweet would be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from all of you!
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