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i am posting this for a freind in tarheel sports car club.a vw he wants to either trade, or make run. which ever .

This car does not run. I worked fine before I tried to pull the alarm out of it, so I've only myself to blame. It is sitting at Import Autowerks in Raleigh.

1995 (ODB1) 2 door sport model Golf. This car is pretty much a GTI before there was a GTI, so it has:

2 litre 8 valve ABA engine

5 speed transmission (worn bushings, kind of sloppy)

4 wheel disk brakes

plaid sport seats,

front and rear anti-sway bars


The car is chalky red. The clearcoat did the famous 90s peel and the car sat for a while in the sun. The paint is not all that great. It will need a respray to look anything approaching shiny.

No appreciable rust- NC car. The car is currently mostly stock.

I put in new control arms with poly bushings (yes, I know the Audi bushings are better), new stock suspension items (springs, mounts, shocks/struts) The replaced components have about 500 feet on them. The alignment hasn't even been done yet.

I also have some extras for it as well as follows:

spare .20 overbore engine block (work done at T. Hoff in Raleigh, NC) It's never been run, I have documentation.

Wiseco pistons to fit that block

Techtonics Tuning (factory) 268 cam

EPROM tuned for that cam

at least two, possibly three ODB1 heads for ABA engine

Exhaust header (needs to be welded where the wideband fitting cracked)

Everything needed to do a MKIV intake swap (upper manifold, valve cover, etc.)

stock 14" rims with OMG WHAT IS THIS BALD JUNK! tires on them

Other rims with tires that hold air on the car (see pictures)

I am willing to work one deal for the car plus another for the spares for $201x budgetary purposes if you're into the Grassroots Motorsports challenge.

The car and all of the extras are $1200

money for buying it from him will go to buying a freinds car for rallycross, this guy who has the car is a cool guy.
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