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Let me start with a quick rundown of how i came into this Jetta.

1998 Jetta 2.0, 5spd, 175k

At some point in 2012 a guy put this 1998 Jetta into pawn. Not a sale...an actual pawn. The guy then went on to make payments for nearly a year, then defaulted...bye bye car.

The pawnshop owner was just looking to get rid of it, and stated, I sh!t you not "I don't know who would put that kind of money into a car that old..."

here's a link to the walk-around I viewed before seeing it in person:

MVI 6982 - YouTube

The engine is definitely not as noisy in person.

I know little about Jettas. He could provide NO information on the car other than what I was seeing.

Here's some main questions I have:

-If standing in front of the car, looking at the engine...at about 1 o'clock, on the back of the block is a pipe about 3 inches long, maybe 1/2 inch diameter. The pipe is threaded at the end...and connected to nothing. My buddy heard the car for 1 second and said "well, there's a vaccuum leak", that's when I found the pipe. Curious. After about a minute from start up. It totally stopped blowing. I've never seen anything like that on any car.

-The gears have an insane amount of throw. I'm talking 6-7 inches 1st to 2nd. It feels incredibly loose, but drives fine. Reverse works fine. Shifts fine. But what the hell is up with those throw distances and the loose-feeling stick?

-Any help with the engine in general? I can see and read 2.0, injen intake, msd ignition, viper, rockford fosgate interiors plus 2x12" in a box...but I don't really know what I'm looking at to be honest

-I suspect upgraded headers...how can I know for sure?

-There is also a little blue box stuck to the glove compartment exterior stating '1998 Jetta' something something computer chip.

Any and ALL information you feel like sharing is IMMENSELY appreciated. I bought this car THINKING it has a lot of work and money into it, and the guy who had it obviously does not like imports...at all. After talking to him, that's obvious, so he didn't value this car at all, probably laughed at me for buying it to be honest.

If anyone knows a good VW tech around Hartford, CT...I'd be happy to drop it off for some work. Like I said, it's been sitting over a year and runs solid, but I know it needs to at least be gone over, fluids flushed and changed, etc.

My impression is I got a very good deal...am I wrong?

...be gentle... ;)
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