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Please pardon the newbie questions.

I'm buying a 1999 Cabrio 2.0 GL this week. It has 86k miles which is pretty good for the age, but car needs some work as below. This is my checklist & my thoughts - would you challenge any of them?

I read up on the MK3 threads for each issue before posting.

Car issues:
1. Tear in the seam on convertible top. I read this can be replaced, looks like $500-$1000 to replace.

2. Cam shaft sensor problem - typical issue requiring replacement of distributor, part alone is $100-$200 plus labor.

3. Exhaust is not connected to catalytic converter, needs fixing before it will pass state inspection. Suspicious of this - parts range from sub-$100 to >$250.

4. Scratch on body- just a flesh wound. Ignoring for now.

5. Check for rust all around per MK3 "watch out" thread

I'm assuming I need to budget $2000 to get this baby purring in the short term.

Any faulty assumptions here?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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