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Recently bought my Jetta GL manual, kept putting an oil change off for about 2000 miles after buying it. The day of the incident the car was sputting out almost while in 5th gear on the highway. Later that night the oil light indicator popped on, I called myself an idiot and stopped for a quart of oil, thinking I could wait til the ext day and finally change the oil. Get out of the car and realize it is smoking, look behind the car and there is a trail of oil. Underneath the car on the ground was a pool of water and oil, the whole underbody of the car was coated in oil. I put a quart of oil in it, started it and there was this god awful noise almost like my gears were grinding. The oil seemed to be coming out more towards the passenger side but i couldnt tell if it was the top of bottom of the motor. At this point I want to find out where the oil lines are, where the plugs are and try to see if it could be that. Im hoping it isnt the head gasket. Maybe someone could advise me?

Would appreciate it.
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