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Made this thread to reduce the threads and questions that are "where is this or that". Just look here and you will know.

1. Mass Airflow sensor
2. EVAP canister
3. Fuel pressure regulator
4. Positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV valve)
5. Intake air temperature sensor
6. Throttle position sensor
7. Purge valve vacuum line
8. Idle air control valve (IAC valve)
9. Ignition coil
10. Brake booster vacuum line
11. Distributer
12. Breather valve on cylinder head
13. Oil cooler and oil filter housing

14. Alternator
15. High pressure oil switch
16. Engine fan motor
17. Camshaft position sensor/Hall sender
18. Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT sensor)
19. Low pressure oil switch
20. A/C cut off
21. Brake fluid resevoir/brake booster
22. Coolant level sensor
23. Fan control module (FCM)
24. Clutch cable (Self adjustable)
Thank you very much for the diagram! Bought. 97 jetta and after a couple wks the fans started acting funny, then stopped working and car over heated, the heater core popped scared the shit out of my kids and myself not gonna lie. Replaced the fan relay once I found it, and now its idiling weird so needed to find the control valve which no vids or pics were until now. ☺
81 - 82 of 82 Posts