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This is my project we will see in a few months how it turns out ..

My Mods list :
Piper Fast Road Cam
TT 8-deg adjustable cam gear
P&P Xflow head
Port matched Intake & Exhaust, Shaved 0.035" Compression should be 10.50:1
TT Dual Valve Spring
MK4 Intake Manifold P&P
TT 2.25" Exhaust w/ Flowmaster
Mandrel bent intake pipe with K&N
Nuespeed P-Chip
Low temp fan switch, Low temp thermostat (180°)
Blue Igniter 8mm plug wires
Turn2 front motor mount

Suspension Mods: 14x6 VW 98 Wolfsburg wheels 12lb //Winter wheels are GTI wheels
Weitec 60/40 GT kit
Neuspeed 25mm rear swaybar
Neuspeed Front Strut Tie bar
Neuspeed Rear Strut Tie bar
Body Mods: Geek: Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hood (Yellow/Black)
Euro spec GTI Smoked E-codes
GTI smoked Taillights
Kamie bumped air ducts
Smoked side markers
Race Weight without driver 2390 LB with 1/8 tank of gas
Interior Mods: GTI Blk Leather seats
RAID Type2 Sport airbag steering wheel
VW brushed aluminum shift knob
Marvin the Martian floor mats (Good for 7.5+ HP)

Brakes: SLoted ATE rotors Hawk HPS pads for now .

Future mods : install MK4 exhaust manifodl TT race downpipe , JAcombs igniton system , when is all said and done ill get a dyno with A/F and have TT make me a custom chip to match the mods.. Engine should be complete by spring .

This dyno is with Cam,Chip and exhaust only .

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Well for anyone doing an MK4 manifold swap do not port it unless you have a HUGE cam ......
I lost a buttload of power .. I will be swapping it back in the next week ...
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