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Hi guys,

Today I was driving my Passat with no issues whatsoever, on a warm summer day. I parked, turned off the engine, and noticed that my power windows would not go up. Thought it might be a fuse, but then I realized my car wouldn't start. When I cranked it, it would not even turn over! The battery terminals are connected well, and the battery is in good shape after checking it out. The dash lights work and stay on when the key is engaged and the head lights work normally, but the electronic sunroof, the power windows, the trunk release and gas cap levers, the FOB key lock/unlock all don't respond (however if I lock the doors with the driver's door lock button, it works normally), even though everything had been working minutes before. A mechanic happened to show up out of nowhere (when I had started asking Jesus about it!) and told me he heard the starter clicking when he took off the negative battery terminal and put it back on. We tried to jumping it as well, even though I knew the battery was good, but nothing changed. Not turning over, not even clicking, but there is a faint click from the starter. If it is the started though, why would the other things that stopped working have happened simultaneously? Any ideas? Thanks!
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