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I am having some trouble with my 2000 Passat V6 4 motion. We recently had a problem with the alternator and it needed to be replaced. It was done by a VW dealer. Our blinkers were working before we went there, but now they don't and they haven't since I picked up the car. To be specific it seemed that the hazard switch relay was part of the problem, but I have since replaced that and all the blinkers work except for the front blinkers next to the head lights. The dealer claims that they didn't break or do anything to the blinkers, but I am not so sure. I asked them if they took apart the whole front end to replace the alternator and they said the manager said he didn't think so because it has a service position. Before I go and buy new bulbs for the blinkers, is there any way a wire could have been disconnected or pinched when putting it into the service position? I just think that it is too much of a coincidence for both the front blinkers to stop working after they fixed the alternator. Any ideas? I also checked the fuse and it was fine. Thanks for your help!
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