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New to me 2000 Jetta 2.0 with the following:
  • No fans (neither radiator or ac fan in the engine spin). The car can be a normal operating temp, and with the AC turned on, but the fans do not spin.
  • No AC (cabin fan motor is fine, but no cold air, and no compressor clicking sound)
  • No horn (should they be related)
I've tested / tried the following:
  • Replaced the fan control module twice (both new modules purchased from amazon, I have one more I haven't swapped in)
  • Powered both fans directly from the battery - both fans spin fine when connected to the battery
  • Using a multimeter, I have verified there is no power going to the AC fan (tested at the connector closest to the AC fan) with the key on, and the fan + AC on
  • Using a multimeter, I verified that all links / connectors on top of the battery (there is a secondary fuse block on top the battery). There is 12v coming out of each link.
  • Replaced the coolant sensor (old one failed).
  • Verified the radiator is full of coolant.
  • Removed the battery and inspected the grounds under it - they all looked good.
One thing that I would point out - one time I came home and turned the car off, and I heard a fan sound under the hood. I popped the hood quick enough to see both fans spinning normally for about 30 seconds, then they turned off. That was the only time I've seen the fans turn. My understanding is that at least the AC fan should come on if the AC is turned on.

At this point I'm ready to pull my hair out. I'm running out of things to test.
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