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Hey guys!

I feel like I have only posted here when I can't figure out a problem with my Jetta, instead of actually enjoying owning a 2001 Wolfsburg.

My issue this time, is a failure to start. I just had the starter, battery, timing belt, fuel pump relay, ignition relay, and clutch replaced. My car is a 1.8T (not a TDI).

Originally, it seemed to be a battery leech, so I checked every fuse and - low and behold - the cig lighter was the leech. I pulled the fuse out for a temporary fix and I have now run into a different problem. The car turns over, and I can hear the starter turning. I hear the fuel pump come on with the other electronics, but when I turn the ignition completely it won't actually start. It just sits there trying to turn over. I noticed the EPC light comes on and stays on when I'm trying to start it, but other than that, it seems clear of anything engine-related. I believe this means it is something electrical.

It does have very low fuel in it, and we just filled it with more synth oil. I can also hear a kind of clicking sound when I'm trying to start it, sounds like a wall light switch being switched on and off.

Any help would be appreciated! I can post a youtube video if it helps! Thanks guys.
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