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Hi all,
My daughter just bought a 2001 new Beelte GLS. The car only came with the valet key, which works fine. We brought it to the dealer to have it checked out and have them make new master keys. They did so but both of the new keys set off the immoblizer (they lock/unlock, engage/disengage alarm, etc. just fine). Meanwhile the valet key still works perfectly.

The dealer says they think the instrument cluster is going bad, but unfortunately VW doesn't make these anymore. It also doesn't make sense to me because the valet key works fine, and I'm worried they are just fishing for expensive fixes.
Any ideas? I've attached the error codes they found below.
Thanks, Eric

Event memory__1 :
Engine electronics 0649060328S 2.01 R4l2V G .3655 Coding 3
Dealer number 00066
5 Event(s) detected

16804 P0420 035 Catalyst System, Bank1 Efficiency Below Threshold sporadic

16952 P0568 035 Cruise Control Switch -E45- lmplausible signal sporadic

16990 P0606 Control Until faulty sporadic

17521 P1113 035 Bank1, sensor 1 lnternal resistance too high sporadic

17978 P1570 035 Engine control module disabled sporadic
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