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I have been doing a lot of research (folks have tried this tried that replaced this replaced that and still same issue) on this issue and it seems no one has an answer for it?

My fans on the radiator drained my battery. Friend of mine gave me his kids 2001 and he said he has put some money into it and part of that was a NEW radiator.

I drove it home from TN to WI 500+ miles with no issues. When I got home I noticed the fans running when I shut off the car. I didn't think anything of it cause I figured it needed to cool and the fans would go off. The next day the car is DEAD! I hooked up my battery charger and soon as I hooked it up the fans came on! No, the car was not on and the key was in my pocket. The car was COLD not even warm or hot. Its WINTER here and its COLD!

Keep in mind this was NOT an issue when I was down there. We drove the car around for I had to get some tires on it and the fans were not having this issue.

Anyone have any insight to this issue at all or more ideas/suggestions? Thank you very much!
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