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I have a 2002 Volkswagen jetta 4cyl 5spd standard with 123k miles. I recently had the timing belt changed. I was waiting at a light and all of a sudden my car just dies. I towed it home. I did a scan on it and the code P0321 came up which is the engine speed sensor aka crankshaft positioning sensor. We replaced that sensor, did another scan and the same code still pops up. We replaced the fuel filter as well. The battery is fine, and fuel pump is fine. We are getting a spark. When you try to start the car, it will crank but not turn all the way over. PLEASE HELP!*

Also, I took the car back where I had the timing belt done, its been 3 days and they still have no idea whats wrong with my car. They are trying to tell me it might be the ecm. Any thoughts???
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