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Posting as parts because it's a salvage title. For that reason, I feel I could get more $ for parts rather than selling as is.

Owned and driven since 2011. I purchased as salvage from a Mennonite Auto Shop in PA that specializes in restoring ‘totaled’ vehicles. June 2011 (approx 56,000 miles)

Mostly used car to commute 1 mile from home to work; in addition to 3 road trips. now has approx 102,000 miles.

Tune-ups, regular oil changes, + cooling system and spark plugs replaced 1/16/20.

New headliner 9/13/19. Then the sunroof malfunctioned Summer 2020 (I have the piece that fell from the sunroof)
I have been told by car people that this car could be changed from salvage title to normal in certain areas of FL or SC. Honestly, if I knew how to do this I would keep the car. The insurance on a salvage is just too much.

I'm new to this forum so cut me some slack and let me know how I can improve, please.
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