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I have a 2004 2.0 Jetta that had a lot of work done to it in December (I'm not sure exactlyyyy what) but since then my check engine light has been on. I have brought it back to the auto body shop several times and they just tell me to drive it around more and it will reset itself. Well that never happened and now its March and my inspection is up and I failed emissions. I brought it to AutoZone and they ran a test and it said that the light could be on because of a "Low Coolant Level". The two possible causes they said would be:
1. Failed Water Pump
2. Coolant Sensor not working
Because I already spent over $2400 on the engine work in December, I really don't want to spend more money again. My boyfriend agreed to do the work as long as its simple.

Any help, guidance or suggestions? And does anyone have access to the car manual or a troubleshooting guide?
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