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I have no idea where to post to ask service questions so I hope this will do.

Okay so I have an old Golf. The engine light amber comes on and off (has for years) but recently a red light along with a series of beeps has been coming on. I checked the manual and it indicated rad level low. That is not the case.

I ran the car over to a local auto service place that ran a computer scan and gave me the results.

16785 EGR ?? hard the read the letters
18677 02 bank 1 sensor 1
165123 coolant valve
16687 boost pressure

They also told me I needed a dipstick funnel which I ordered.

Can anyone advise on these error codes? Is there anything I can do myself, any I can ignore? And what about the red flashing error lamp?

Here is a picture its below the temp gauge.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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