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My wife was driving her Jetta on a rainy day a few months ago and it suddenly died. Cranks just fine but no start. Towed it home. I have tried everything I could think of with this thing but still cant get it to start.
Ive replaced the following parts:
Crank Position sensor
Fuel Pump Relay
Fuel Filter
Ignition Switch
Checked every single fuse
I sprayed starting fluid in the air intake and it started and then stalled out, so it seems its a fuel delivery problem. Lifted up the rear seat and you can hear the fuel pump prime when key is in position 1. So, it appears the fuel pump is good.

Other thing to note is that the battery keeps draining. It appears there is a parasitic drain that I havent been able to track down. I dont believe this existed prior to the car breaking down because we never had any issues with the battery before.

I finally got ahold of a DCAN cable and did a scan with VAGCOM lite. I get the following error codes:
01314 - Engine Control Module
013 - Check DTC Memory - Intermittent
01314 - Engine Control Module
49-00 - No Communications
00777 - Accelerator Position Sensor (G79)
03-10 - No Signal - Intermittent

I believe the Accelerator Position Sensor problem existed before the car broke down. My wife complained about the car not accelerating for 10-15 seconds while driving down the road. Almost like it shifted into neutral temporarily. Happened to her maybe 2-3 times. I couldnt reproduce it myself.

Im starting to wonder if I have a fried ECU. But, will a fried ECU cause the battery drain. Or did the battery drain fry the ECU. Dont know what to do next, Im afraid that if I buy another ECU and pay the dealer to marry it to the car, it will just blow again if I have a short somewhere. Ive tried reseating the connectors in the ECU. Ive read somewhere that there might be a relay that powers the ECU to check, but I cant find anything definitive. Anyone know?

Ive been working on this thing for the past 3 months and cant seem to make any progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not accelerating is usually limp mode.

If it died while driving it's an alternator problem as it should be producing more than the car can drain regardless of situation on an oem car.

Not starting: check your plugs for spark with a dry crank. (unplug fuel pump fuse) If you are getting spark then it's probably fuel. Since you hear the pump it could be injectors not functioning or clogged otherwise your fuel filter.

No communication code is a biggy. ECU communication code.
There's some smart fellows on technical area of VWvortex thread that might be able to help that one.
A full vag com read would help.
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